InsaneDebug - v2.0

InsaneCredits is a simple tool which makes easier to debug map with different levels of debug messages and enable disable support at runtime.

Made using the Galaxy Editor GUI, the tools come in the shape of a library, manageable with a .SC2Mod file.

The library comes with some actions and functions that can be used to define and manipulate the debug settings.


  • Customizable clear debug interface
  • Support for error, warning and info level messages
  • Support for global enable and disable of debug messages
  • Support for display level of debug messages
  • Button for switching between enabled state and disabled state of debug at runtime


  • Liberty dependency

How to Install

  1. Make sure you have all required dependencies.
  2. Download InsaneDebug file ( file)
  3. Extract file into your Starcraft2.exe folder
  4. Open any map of your choice in the Galaxy Editor
  5. Open the dependencies table under File
  6. Add custom dependency
  7. Choose InsaneDebug.SC2Mod
  8. Open Trigger Editor
  9. Enjoy

Example Map

No example map for InsaneDebug is provided. However, all other mods made by me require InsaneDebug to work. InsaneDebug is indeed the tools I made for myself to speed up the debug process during the creation of my assets.

So, to see InsaneDebug at work, you only need to check out my other projects.


v2.0 - Dec 28, 2017 :

- Added switch button for enable and disable InsaneDebug at runtime
- Corrected some typos

v1.0 - Jan 06, 2017 :

- Release

Report Bugs and Feedbacks

Feel free to report bugs in this comment section and leave feedback as you wish.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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