Thunder icon's shop

my icon shop if you have requests put them here : commands on the front page plz

pack 1 (jeeej) have infested MULE - Armory - Barrack - Command Centre - Bunker - Missile Turret (i dont have a preview page because i was to lazy the next pack will get an preview screen

wireframe Nothing

Icon pack 2

New repair Hots energize - entomb - massrecall - preordain - purify - active and deactivate widow mine - haywiremissile - unstablepayloyd - abduct - blinding cloud - siphon - oculair parasite - Mothership core - Oracle - tempest - battle helion - warhound - widow mine - locust - locust flyer - nydus creep tower - nydus destroyer - swarmhost (Clasic, creeper and carrion) - viper - bonsonic core - gravitysling - burrow charge - locust life time - Musculair augement

wireframes tempest oracle mothership core widow mine warhound hots model of the reaper  viper swarmhost infested marine egg nydus creep and nydus destroyer locust helion (battle and car version) pillar rocks mineral shield (from oracle) locust flying and a zeruwsalineviper tree ( i think a new building for viper, viper tree or something) (use add your own risk)

dont forget to visit my request page if you need some building - unit dds or wireframe

New version

Rescued the old lurker icon from blizzard before HoTS.  (so the normal icon instead of the purp lurker icon)

Update, Sorry that i don't make Art files. But most of you guys know that in January my PC was crashed. And after my exams i get a new PC. But now i run on an 32 bits emergency system With an Pata Hard drive. That means that i can't run high programs. I can closely run sc 2, hammer editor and the sc 2 editor. But Gimp is to much for my System. So i have nothing to rework jpg to DDS stuff perhaps Aorta. So it doesn't mean that i can't make art work. But IF i make artwork by myself (im busy enough) They will show up in SoulFilcher  packs. Or in this.

This page will be updated when i have my new PC. And than this page will produce more icons.

Again sorry if you expect things that i haven't make. And sorry for the lack of updates from this page and the static potrait packs.

For those who want to visit my wish list: Here you can see it. (Most above call nieuwe pc 2)\

Sorry but its an dutch site :(


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