Icecrusher TD 2


Solo mazing td (tower defense) map for 1 to 4 players. Set in a remote ice world and with nowhere to run you must fight the reckless onslaught of ever more trickier mob waves. Construct a nifty maze with wall pieces, towers, and traps to spell certain doom for your enemies.


  • White arrows on the ground will show the anticipated path of the creep waves.
  • Custom snow terrain.
  • Multiple races with unique towers.
  • Account level up system unlocks goodys allowing you to show off your experience and skill.
  • Multiple boss waves including special events during these waves which you have never seen before in any other td.
  • Dozens of mob waves, sometimes even with special abilities such as hardened shields, ground waves spawning flying enemies, and more.
  • Your worker gains skill points to unlock special race independent abilities and upgrades such as mineral interest, bonus lifes, more supply, mobile support units, nukes and many more!
  • Different armor types require ellaborate strategies and tower placement.
  • Map keeps track of your best records for every difficulty and other stats.
  • Four difficulties: Normal, Hard, F''KING Insane Mode, and Asian (higher difficulties award more xp!).
  • All towers have placement and selection weapon and special ability range indicators.
  • Help systems guide you towards important upgrades or show you if your maze needs improvement.
  • Resource distribution on player leave is disabled.

Noteworthy exceptions in mechanics

  • Armor: Every point of armor decreases incoming damage by 10%!
  • Mazing: Mobs will fit even through the tinyest of holes. Diagonally adjacent buildings will NOT block pathing.
  • Leaks: If you leak an enemy it will run through your maze again with increased speed!
  • Difficulty: Playing on a higher difficulty will make you start with less lifes, lose more lifes upon leaking, and enemies are more powerful! However, you will also recieve many more experience points to level up significantly faster!


Some of these screenshots may be outdated since the map is still recieving a lot of content every day.

Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks

How to get started?

Build something like the following screenshot. Surround waypoint 1 and build an alley towards waypoint 5. Once you reached waypoint 5 surround it as well and leave an opening somwhere in the middle. Expand your maze from this hole on outwards. Keep spending your minerals on towers with a slight tendency towards Defense Platforms (dont' upgrade them yet!). As soon as you got enough gas research "Focus Fire" and then save for "Air Killer". After you have killed the first boss try to save up for an Immortal and a Storm Cannon. Place both in a way that they may reach air waves.

Advanced Tips or How to get past wave 10

If you are having troubles with the Pink Goliath wave try to incorporate more Soul Projectors and Storm Cannons into your build. At least one each before the wave starts. Research as many general and individual upgrade for Soul Projectors as possible.

If you are working with Traps make sure they hit air waves at least one time. If you manage to place them in a fashion that they hit air waves you might want to research "Burning Skies" and skip "Air Killer". This will make your build very gas efficient and still kill air waves without effort despite not having Air Killer researched.

We want you! Apply as beta tester

Ever wanted to be involved in a project, but you didn't understand much about the editor? Want to provide feedback to help make the map better? Want to see your name on a loading screen of a map that everyone plays? Then have a look at the following requirements:

  • Active Starcraft II account on EU-Servers
  • Playing more than one day per week (weekdays and weekends)
  • You are somewhat fluent in written English and/or German
  • You don't only play to win, but you enjoy playing to experiment/abuse/style/try something unorthodox/think out of the box/do sth stupid
  • You don't whine if a suggestion of yours is neglected or some of your stats changed/reset

Then you are the man/woman for us! Please send an e-mail including your regular play-times and starcraft2-nickname + identifier to: [email protected]


Special Thanks: Strawberry5, Asasil, Meepz, Minq

Additional Credits: Booby5589 (icons), SoulFilcher (icons)


For suggestions and critics please send an e-mail to [email protected] or leave a comment below!

Also join channel "icecrusher" to find fellow players, a chance to chat with the developers, and form parties to rock the higher difficulties.

Old Screenshots


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