Hybrid Campaign/Melee Dependency

Basically I took the campaign dependency and I took the doodads you can only find within it and added them to the normal melee mods. Normally if you add the campaign dependency to your map you get everything, units, doodads, terrain objects, actors and other data. I made this so that people making melee maps could use the doodads that can otherwise only be found in the campaign dependency without having to change back all the units, behaviors, etc to the standard melee defaults.

It includes most if not all of the doodads you can find in the campaign dependency with melee rules so it still functions just the same as a normal melee map, but you get the benefit of having all those extra doodads to spice it up a bit. Unfortunately if you add this to your melee map, it's status will change to custom because your adding those extra doodads. So it wont be classified as a melee map anymore. But it will function just like one. All I did was splice the dependencies a little bit.

Could help people a good deal so I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!


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