how to easy make a lots of linear upgrades

how to easy create like 200 upgrades with increasing dmg +5 on marine and upgrade cost +10 minerals? well its really easy actually!!

1. make a upgrade and set max upgrades to 200, go to buttons and make a button like ( increased + 5 dmg each upgrade)
2. go to ability and attach button and the upgrade to it!!
3. go to the upgrade and modify the effect (marine dmg) + 5 dmg
4. also add increase level +1 on weapon and go to ability and add +10 mineral cost to the upgrade u attached to the ability
5. DONE u have now 200 upgrades with a single button clicked and marine will get +5 dmg the upgrade will also increase cost by +10 minerals each upgrade.

much easier than anything else.. why use triggers when its that easy.. i also checked to build a new unit with the ability upgrades and it will still be on the same upgrade as the other building ;)

Hope this was usefull for those who wants to make easy upgrading fast and good ;)


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