HotFix for println's blender m3Addon

The file was uploaded to dropbox because it gets corrupted if uploaded here.

This batch uses println's and scripts to fix the issues with the textures caused by patch 3.0 (black textures, textures missing, decals and roads disappearing).

It converts the .m3 files to xml, edits the lines that cause the bug, and converts the files back to .m3, leaving them ready to be imported in the editor in less than a minute.

UPDATE 2015/11/17

I've uploaded a new version. It has 3 different batchs:

  • "m3fix.bat": It's the same than before. If it worked for you before, keep using it.
  • "m3fix - alternative.bat": If the first doesn't work, use this one. I've made it to solve a weird behavior with the quotes in some pcs.
  • "m3fix - manual.bat": The last alternative. Before running it, you have to paste in the unzipped folder a shortcut to python.exe called exactly "python.lnk" (* *).

How to use

  1. Download (and install) python.
  2. Download the file - Here's a mediafire mirror.
  3. Unzip the file (preferably in an easy folder, like c:\hotfix).
  4. Copy the .m3 files that cause the issue to the unzipped folder (*).
  5. Remove the spaces in the .m3 file names.
  6. Run m3fix.bat.
  7. Start it and wait until it finishes.

This batch was made in a hurry, and it may have some issues. Backup your models before using it. Also, try to follow the steps.

There's some vbs code, so I don't know if this works in an OS different than Windows.

(*) They're the ones exported with println's addon using blender. To identify if a model has the issue, open a new map with a dependency that has the model, rise a cliff and proceed to insert the unit or the doodad. If the cliff turns black, the model is bugged.

Another way of finding out wich one causes the bug is browsing (window->console->type "browse"->enter) the files with preview enabled (shift + p in the archive browser) while watching at a cliff in the terrain. If the cliff turns black when the preview of the model is loaded, then the model is bugged.

(* *) Copy start->applications->python(python dir)->(python's shortcut) to the unzipped folder and change its name to "python"

This is how the folder should look if you want to use the "manual" variant

Before and after


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