Heroes M3 To Sc2 M3 Converter

This is an small tool which will allow you to downgrade Heroes of the Storm M3 models to the version used by Starcraft 2.

It works in most models but not all (haven't found an exception for lastest version).

How to use: 1 drag m3 files into the program. A window will pop up with all the strings inside the m3 file. Use that info to find the correct textures you need.

Other method: run on command line. Use the ' -c' option to avoid pausing.

- Fixed for lastest patch

NOTE! Use this tool with CASC View or any other updated CASC extractor. I've recieved reports of people having troubles because they extracted corrupted models.

NOTE 2! I've heard reports of the tool failing on some "models" that were extracted with some of these programs. If you try version 1.06 and no strings were printed then that means that your model is corrupted. It's most probably an error on configuring CASC View to extract your models.

1.02: Now works with lastest patch! Tested on Azmodan, Anub arak, Nova, Barbarian and Nexus Charger. Note: Heroes with cloth physics won't animate correctly.

1.03: Fixed some bugs on 1.02. Stiches is now converted correctly.

1.04: Fixed Illidan. Updated compiler. The tool should now work with newer versions of windows.

1.05: Another try on fixing for Windows 8.

1.06: Tested and fixed on windows 8.

Note: make sure to add it in a folder where any tool can save files without permission (Example: My Documents/Mis Documentos/Meinen Dokumenten).


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