Hero Line Wars


Beta Version is up on Europe, NA and SEA servers.

The Game

Hero Line Wars is a concept taken from the correspondent Warcraft 3 map.
2 teams of up to 4 players hire mercenaries, which attack the opposing team. Each player picks a hero to defend against incoming enemy mercenaries.

Each team owns a distinct area on the map (further referred to as the "Line"), which is separated from the opposing team's line. There is no direct interaction with the enemy team (no hero vs hero battles); you attack the enemy team indirectly by hiring the mercenaries.
The mercenaries try to reach the end of the respective enemy team's line. If they succeed, that team loses a life.

Sending mercenaries increases the sending player's income, recources gained automatically every few seconds. The longer the game progresses, the higher the income becomes and the more resources can be spent on even more powerful mercenaries.
Heroes gain experience for killing mercenaries, learn mighty spells and can buy strong items to help defend against the masses of incoming mercenaries.
If one team's lifes become zero, the game ends.

Development state

Approaching beta stage; the main systems and game mechanics have been sufficiently tested. Now the balance needs to be improved, which I plan to do during a public beta test.
There are 11 heroes (9 are completely finished, 2 need 1-2 additional spells each, they are currently blocked), 129 units (more or less, a few ones are still missing; about 5 I guess.), some items etc.


- balance! balance, and even more balance. This will be my main focus during the upcoming beta phase.
- add more heroes, finish pending ones.
- add more spells to mercenaries
- add some more lategame items and/or other possibilities to improve your hero

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