Hash Lib

Hash Lib 2.0.1 Reuploaded

This is a reupload of magnificence7's hash Libary.
He used MIT License for his newest Version so i reuploaded it under the same License.
If you dont know what Hash functions are visit Wikipedia.org.


To generate a hash code, you need to have some input to digest. In this library that's called the 'hash input'. You fill the hash input and then generate a hash code from that. There are some actions to fill the hash input. The first action we need to use it the "Initialize Hash Input" function. With this function, you start of with a clean hash input. Do this every time you want create a new hash input, like when you want to generate a different hash code. Remember, the hash input should not be used anymore when you already generated a hash code with it, just initialize it again.

Then, to add data, there are different actions available. The following types of data are supported:

  • Boolean
  • Byte
  • Integer
  • Real
  • String
  • Unit Note: Text is not available yet. The action to add one of these types will look like this: "Add[Type]ToHashInput" where [Type] should be one of the supported types. For example, to add a boolean, use this function: "AddBooleanToHashInput".

Once you have filled the hash input like you want, you can use the function to generate the hash code. There are different functions for different hash functions, and they return a string containing the hexadecimal representation of the hash code. The following hash algorithms are supported by this lib:

MD5 (GenerateMd5HashCode)
SHA-256 (GenerateSha256HashCode
The functions to use a certain hash algorithm are written behind them within brackets.


So to generate a SHA-256 hash code from the string "abc", you use the following actions/script:

Actions in GUI

  • Initialize Hash Input
  • Add String "abc" To Hash Input
  • Variable - Set Hash Code = (Generate SHA-256 Hash Code)

Galaxy Script

string hashCode;
hashCode = GenerateSHA256HashCode();


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