SC2 - Mira's Marauders Warhound


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    SC2 - Mira's Marauders
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SC2 - Mira's Marauders Warhound

  Custom SC2 model of Mira's Marauders / Junkers Warhound unit. Includes icon, wireframe, custom textures, unit model and unit portrait. Note that the Junkers / Mira's Marauders Warhound portrait is a retexture of James Sykes' portrait from the co-op missions when choosing as Tychus as the commander.

StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Warhound by HammerTheTank

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   Formerly operated by numerous Terran Dominion pilots who went AWOL or Missing in Action during major operations, the warhound pilots who worked now as mercenaries for hire and others who simply joined Mira's Marauders modified or customized their warhounds by giving it some spikes and extra armored platings for decorations or additional protection as well as two engines on the back for amplifying its power output and a rust and cracking paint. Aside through these customizations, the original railgun of the warhound was replaced with a double-barreled variant for extra firepower against armored targets and its shield was outfitted with large blades for better melee attacks when entering in close range combat. With all of these given customizations, the warhound pilot mercenaries are quite satisfied with their admirable handiwork and they considered them much more better than the Dominion's warhound when it comes to mid-range and close range combat given to its terrifying appearance.