SC2 - Protoss Battle Damaged Immortal


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    SC2 - Protoss Battle Damaged
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    Aug 27, 2018
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SC2 - Protoss Battle Damaged Immortal

   Retextured version of the Protoss Immortal unit from SC2 based on the textures of the destroyed Protoss Immortal doodad from Legacy of the Void to make it look like a battle damaged version of the unit itself. Includes icon, wireframes, unit model, and death animation models.

StarCraft 2 - Protoss Battle Damaged Immortal by HammerTheTank

Unit info:

Protoss Battle Damaged Immortal
    When ground battles are becoming more intense for Protoss warriors in the field, they often deploy their Dragoon-upgraded Immortals to provide fire support for their forces against heavier targets such as terran siege tanks or zerg ultralisk. When the Immortals lose their plasma shields, such as the newly developed barriers or the old hardened shield tech, from enemy gunfire and melee weapons, the cockpit and legs of the assault walker are left exposed and vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. Although few Immortals survive in the battlefield with a damage on the cockpit and legs, these still standing war machines with their crippled warriors decided to fight on despite the damage they sustain without going need for repairs.