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No more full versions, DATA EDITOR only!

Disable blink, currently breaking monster attack trigger
Normal Mode activation now removes all other mode buttons
Cleaned up victory trigger some more

Players are unable to control monsters now.
Only 3 slots are available over, fill all 3 and launch the game!

Fixed a critical error where Megalisk couldn't move.
Banshees for the air force commander can now cloak properly.
Tank commander and air force commander now allied by default.

The Bnet friendly version.

Monster attacks of all kinds should not affect invulnerable units
BC triple period, triple damage, half total energy, increased cost per shot to 4.5
(Unit is basically the same, but fires less to cause less video lag)
Double missile turret damage, double period
(Unit is basically the same, but fires less to cause less video lag)
Fixed bug where zerglings, claw grips, and gigantigrubs can be selected for boss bar (in random mode)
Building death time reduce to 60 to allow rebuilding on terrain after 60 seconds
Dropship can no longer create vehicles or air units
Mammoth added; mammoth can create vehicles, can also create thor crews
ATC added; ATC can create air units, can call in air strikes that damage and stun monsters
Dropship, Mammoth transport, ATC can build missile turrets(low cost, high damage, low health, low monster attack priority)
Dropship can build bunkers(basically a medium building)
Rebalanced starting energy levels as well as reinforcement energy levels
Increased all monster’s health by roughly 10,000
Added hotkeys for all abilities
Increase bomber cost
Reduced bomber damage and range
Cleaned up victory trigger
Changed commands for zooming and panning
Type   -zoom    to change camera to tactical mode.
Type   -zoom2    to change camera to stragetic mode.
Type   -dropship   to pan camera to the dropship.
Type   -mammoth   to pan camera to the mammoth transport.
Type   -atc   to pan camera to the ATC.
Leaderboard is online!
Tracks how many player units, player buildings, and computer monsters are killed!
Added fry guy, lashlayer, war machine, megamek, slugadon, bane, saucer
Added detection to saucer
Expanded random mode to end after 12 kills.
Reconfigured boss bar triggers for multiple bosses on random modes
Add option for double monsters on random and endless mode
Multiplayer support(should be fully functional, currently untested)

Extended special victory action sequence
Added dialog box for initial button selection
Added timers to all modes
Shorter range on desecrator attack
Less hp Godzilla, claw, gigantigrub for better random mode balance
Rework armor, all monsters have base armor 0 to make un-bonused units more effective
The exception is that all ‘armored’ monsters have base armor 3, as well as the ufo hull
Changed random mode prep time from 30 to 35 seconds
Increased duration of stim ability on all units to 45 seconds

Changed load screen text
Thors slowly self repair after existing combat for a period of time
Reduced thor price
Increased size of region where empress is allowed to create minions
The western river has dried up
Empress can now spawn either a claw grip or gigantigrub when she dies. (random mode only, normal mode still only spawns gigantigrub)
Added special victory actions to several player units.
Fixed typos in triggers
Changed a few triggers in preparation for co-op mode(not ready)

Special thanks to Grum for the randomizing triggers.
Random mode has been added!!!

8 different monsters(not including claw and gigantigrub) are assigned to a pool of units.
One of these monsters will attack the city from a random direction.
When that monster is killed, a new random monster will attack from a new random direction.
Defeat 10 super monsters(not including any claws and gigantigrubs) to beat this mode.
Monsters don’t wait as long before attacking in this mode.  (only 30 seconds vs normal 60+)
Every game should be unique in random mode, no two games will be the same!  You might see 10 Godzillas all attack the same lane every single time.  And if you do, you should probably play the lottery or go to Vegas!

Endless mode has been added!!!

Endless mode works like random mode… except you can never win.  You just see how many monsters you can kill before you are overrun.  

V1.24g changelog
Increased load range for all buildings in the city to make garrisoning faster and easier
Shift+d command will now pan the camera to the drop ship in case you lose track of it
Thor redesign
   Can no longer stun
   Hit points increased to 1250
   Base armor increase to 3
   Damage reduced to 20
   Can now load infantry like a bunker, infantry inside a thor will fire normally
Increased damage for ultraling’s structure only attack
Change name of desecrator’s attack

V1.24 changelog
Modified some monster health bars to be more visible
Added ultraling, empress, ufo, bad year blimp, mech-taran, desecrator, and grub monsters
Changed roachasaurus to ground movement
Double energy cost for infantry
Double amount of units deployed per use for infantry
Fixed the shift exploit that created free units(You can blame MikaelHepp for that lol)
Fixed some tooltips and unit names
Banshee redesign
  Start with 0 energy
  Max energy capped to 50
  Attack ranged increased, damage increased to 30
Added stealth detection to several monsters (Mecha-Tarantuan, Godzilla, Bad Year Blimp)

Boost claw monster acceleration and attack
Reduced wait time between monster attacks
Decrease tank/siege damage
Decrease thor start energy/dmg
Increase thor stun weapon range
Building burn time reduced to 1k

The city will now properly BURN
Redesigned the city slightly, mostly to improve visual appearance of roads
Reduced all monster hp
Reduced monster regen
Reduced building capacity for all building sizes
Reduced all infantry unit damage
Reduced all deploy squad size from 10 to 5
All infantry can use stim packs
All other infantry abilities removed
All infantry now only take 1 cargo slot
Added monster types and damage bonus attributes to player units
Added tooltips to explain this new system
Rebalanced all player units to make vehicles and air units more viable
Vehicles generally do excellent damage at long ranges, but are still vulnerable to be quickly killed if monsters manage to get close to them
Fixed sound levels for zooming out
Reduced Viking range
Vikings can shoot while moving like Phoenix of Patch11
Increased banshee start energy
Added Mech(I am aware there are no 'robotic' monsters yet, but eventually there will be!
Added Grenadier infantry
Removed Raven
Added Claw Monster(s)

Added boss health bars for all monsters (thanks Tyrindor.tyrindor
Added colors to text
Fixed victory conditions

Fixed a bug where siege tanks did 10 times as much damage as intended.
Fixed a bug where thor stun broke the monster AI.
Rebalanced the dropship mana slightly.
Added several more missile turrets in the city.
Added text to guide the player.
Added text to the load screen.
Added load screen.

Enabled all technologies for terran units, including: stim packs, cloak, siege mode, and hunter seeker missiles.
Disabled battlecruiser yamato weapon
Added Roachasaurus.......

Removed Godzilla's underpowered melee attack.
Slightly increased atomic breath damage.
Slightly increased atomic breath AOE radius.
Dramatically increased invulnerable(lol) dropship's health dramatically to prevent death from residual AOE.

Initial version.

Works with multiplayer!

The interface to play on is REALLY screwy at the moment, you have to be very careful that you and your friends are all 'terran' players and the the AI takes the 2 slots for 'zerg' and 'protoss'
Also, make sure all three of you are on 'team 1'

Create map.
Set 4 AI players in addition to you(the host)
Remove the 2 AI players that are the TERRAN race.
Change the map category.
Open the map to public.