Gates of Darkness

If you played the map, please visit and fill out the feedback form, it helps me a lot!

Hero information might be out of date as I am curently remaking a lot of them


What am I working on?

Currently remaking all the old heroes and making improvements to everything already implemented.


Won't be keeping a complete changelog with every detail until i hit v1.0, but below is what i'm working on and what's done

Done (last changelog wipe: 17th April)

  • Wiped changelog
  • New Hero: Darth Sentry
  • Fixed XP share finally
  • New Hero: Maiev Shadowsong
  • Talent System (Only 14 talents though, spread across 2 rows)
  • Added a side-objective
  • Added hireable mercenaries
  • There is a chance (depending on difficulty) for 1-3 (Depending on difficulty) Warp Prisms to spawn each wave, which will continuously warp in units until destroyed
  • Randomized the points of the Massive Warp in locations, and changed the unit count depending on difficulty
  • Implemented High Templar that will warp in and open the two last lanes. After they are done, they are controllable by all players.
  • Remade the Destroyer (Everything apart from Delayed Death has been completely remade)
  • Modifed the Engineer (removed HSM and Armageddon, replaced with new abilities)
  • Modified the Thor
  • Mrrrglbrrg's (Murloc Marine) storm grenades now actually launch grenades which erupt into a storm upon impact, instead of just creating a storm at the target instantly
  • Implemented the Darth Destroyer skin.

Working on it/Planned

  • Short ending cinematics before losing or winning
    • Also going to add the real ending... There's a not too obvious storyline in the map...
  • Completely gonna remake the boss fight
  • Fixing some balance issues
  • Make a video
  • Exterminate bugs
  • 5th abilities for heroes
  • Achievements
  • Moar heroes (After ive got talents, so probably after release)
    • Sylvanas Windrunner
    • The Brutalisk
  • More side objectives/events
  • Items

General Info

About the map

Gates of Darkness is a hero siege map very similar to X-Hero Siege in WC3 TFT (Mostly accidental, i made similar terrain and did everything else, and only about half a year later i remembered exactly what X-Hero Siege was like, and it turns out my map is similar in a lot of aspects)

It's published on EU, and once i think it's ready i'll get it on NA as well. You can find it as "Gates of Darkness", Hero Siege category.
It's 8 players, featuring 11 heroes, an easily toggleable spawn system, a talent system, and a boss at the end. Lots of work still needed and nowhere near done.

Other, partially useless, info

I'd like to thank SweetZombieJesus for his hero selecton library - And i have finally re-implemented it!

TheWatcher.477 is my ID, EU servers.

Please do not publish this map on any server without my permission! You can publish privately and take it off later if you want to play with your friends, but don't publish anything publicly! PM me if you want to publish it on your server

Thx, comment plz :)


General Info

Heroes use a wc3 style ability and level system, currently at 3-10 levels per ability and most are capped at level 30 (which is hardly reachable, and prevents all abilities from being capped). They have 4 attributes which are increased by levelling and by spending minerals on them.



Strength increases damage dealt, and also gives a minor bonus to health and health regeneration.


Agility increases attack and move speed and gives a minor boost to damage dealt.


Intelligence gives a big boost to spell damage (+3 damage per point), increases energy, energy regen, shields and shields regen slightly as well.


Stamina gives a good bonus to health, health regeneration, health armor, shields and shield regeneration.

Current Heroes:

  • Phase Assasin - Speed hero with a quick damage ability, slow-mo ability, AoE DoT, and an ability that attacks 70 times almost instantly
  • The Destroyer - AoE hero. has a large AoE ability, an ability to restore shields by damaging units, an ability with a delayed AoE effect, and an ability to increase his own power shortly to deal terrible, terrible damage
  • Thor - our favorite bigass robot. Can use strike cannons for massive AoE damage, Molotovs for a good DoT, can switch to Javelins for high single target DPS, and use an ability to increase damage and attack speed massively
  • The Summoner - Hero that relies on summoned units. Can summons Ultralisk, Roaches, huge amounts of banelings at a target, or a short zerg invasion consisting of ultras, banelings, zerglings and roaches.
  • Mrrrrglbrrrg - Murloc Marine, speed hero. His abilities have shorter cooldowns and energy costs, but also lower damage. Has concussive multi-shot, psi-storm grenade, can regenerate health very quickly over a period of time, and can massively increase attack and movement speed shortly
  • The Engineer - Basically the Summoner with a different style. Can place turrets, PDDs, launch seeker missiles and call down an armageddon of missiles
  • Octahedron of Doom - All it's abilities will launch a random ability from the other heroes on the same button location
  • Tempest - Hero that uses a large amount of force effects. Has two main abilities on a short cooldown, melee, not dependant on an attribute but highly favours intelligence due to very short spell cooldowns
  • Lich - Hero that is currently awaiting a redesign. Has powerful AoE capabilities and is able to slow/immobilize units.
  • Darth Sentry - Support oriented hero, armed with a good AoE spell, a damage inrease debuff AoE, force fields and the ability to create hallucinations of himself which can attack and cast spells
  • Maiev Shadowsong - A speed oriented hero. Survival capabilities are pretty bad, but she has a long range blink by default, fast attacks and fast spells to deal large amounts of damage to compensate for that. Her spells are similar to those from wc3 - Blink, Fan of Knives, Shadowstrike (now a boomerang AoE), Vengeance and a passive crit chance on all abilities and attacks.

Hero ideas:

  • "The Medic"
    Intelligence based hero, support mainly.
    Will be able to heal and buff friendly units, while having some sort of damage/slow abilities as well
  • "The Lurker"
    I believe this is what nothu means in the comment, not Stalker :p Will be based of Nothu's comment, without the burrow as burrowing a unit will cause it to be "cloaked", meaning enemy units will just run by it and attack the nexus, which totally ruins everything. Either that, or i'll make the burrow have some kind of buff to it's damage/attack speed but still allow it to be visible to enemy units.
  • "Spectre"
    Hero based off the campaign Spectre unit, will have the stun ability, psionic lash for single target damage. Will have to think about other abilities, though.
  • "Firebat"
    Abilities have yet to be decided, have made 2 that i cant get to work. Will be based around a lot of AoE and fire
  • Sylvanas
    Ranged speed/control oriented hero
  • Brutalisk
    Tank hero

Want to help?

If you know your way through the data or trigger editor, and want to help me, you are free to do so. You will recieve credit for your work on the credits section of my map, here on mapster, the loading screen of the version you helped make, and possibly permanently on the loading screen (don't know how much space i'll have on it)
PM me with your idea and anything you need to know - like names i use for variables, or some average numbers i use for my abilities in the data editor, etc.
I don't think i need a new terrain, but if a terrainer feels up to it, he can give it a go on the latest version uploaded on mapster. If you do this, please don't spend too much time on it, just make it a rough outline, since the latest uploaded version is as good as always outdated, and you would have to redo everything on the version on my computer.

Things you can help me with (just comment random ideas):

  • - Items (Anything. Seriously. Just give me a random idea and if it's usable, i'll do it. Kamikaze-zealot launcher? Why not.)
  • - Heroes
  • - Abilities
  • - Anything you think would be even halfway useful for my map
  • - Check at the bottom if you are skilled with any area of the editor
  • - Talent ideas

Any feedback is apreciated! Play a hero and tell me what abilities you like or don't like, and any ideas for abilities for that hero you might have!


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