First/Third Person Shooters

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I am putting a Library together that will that basics of all 3rd Person/First Person Shooters. Right now I currently have these things implemented.

Turn On/Off Camera (Can be used to buy items for RPG type maps) Traceline (Rrowlands Traceline function that will allow you to see a units hp before shooting) Projectile Bullet System (This allows users to shoot an object, and they can also change the gravity setting to create grenade/launcher effects. There currently is a problem when a user aims down which is being tweek when I have time) WASD Movement (there really is no point to have separate movement Library) I am looking to getting some help from Malu05 which is making the AC 130K map for a bullet type system he is using. I want to make this the a one Stop Library for all First/3rd person shooters.


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