Final Disaster - The Tales of Qliphoth Mirage

Extremely difficult hero defense map from China which originally map from Warcraft3
Gameplay is designed for 2 or 3 hours. Save function may add in next version or after retail of the game to solve it.

Special Thanks to GA and my sponser
Special thanks to IchigoShadowdance who done the translation work for me :P
I know it's difficult to translate these Chinese style things into English


Demo of version1.1 with new hero - Grand the Champion


Game story based on anicent Chinese myth.

In the begin of the universe, Pananon the Creator separate sky and earth with his axe. After the explosion galaxy and stars formed in chaos.
The ORDER force are persented by Fu Hsi and his sister Nuwa.
The CHAOS force are presented by Ketu and Rahu, the siamese twins.

After thousand years, Nuwa considered the land is so lifeless, with her brother Fu Hsi together, invited Ketu and Rahu to create the world. Life, time and space. With effort of both sides of the creators, humans, animals, demons and many acient Arceuses were created. The land is fulfilled with life and lively creatures.

However, Nuwa was not satisfied with Ketu and Rahu. She allied with her brother once again, and give a deadly strike the Ketu, Rahu and their Chaos creations. The war last for a very long period, so many life had fallen and so many great warriors raise and fade.

After a century of war, the Chaos suffered more than 3 billion lifes, and the remains retreated to the realm of chaos.

This is not over yet. The Chaos promised to revenge, they promised to the Creator, that treason of Order must paid for what they had done.
The seed of hatred planted, and we... offsprings of Chaos seek for revenge...

Gameplay and Feature
- Very traditional of Hero Defense that transfered from Warcraft3
- Defend the Sealing Juggeraunt from enemies
- Traditional Chinese myth style, martial arts and zen style universe
- Supposed to support 3 players (Never tested online)
- Side quests, dungeons and loots
- 3 Heroes with working attributes and skills
- 15 waves of enemy included BOSS battles
- Difficulty selection
- Inventory, equipment, shops
- Tomes of attributes


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