Faction Wars Mod

Choose any of the nine faction and dominate your battle in a standard melee play-style. Choose in between the Terran Dominion, Protoss Purifier or the Zerg Swarm in your conquest for 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 battle supremacy. Available in the Americas region under Custom -> Melee -> Faction Wars PvP Extended.


This mod also features a complete redo of the Allied Commanders Mod triggers such as the Precision Strike ability, SOA Thermal Lance ability and Air Fleet Global Caster - to name a few. Another feature of this mod is the day/night cycle where certain factions such as the Khalai faction and Purifier faction are stronger by day due to their solar casting abilities whereas the Infested are stronger by night.



SummerLoud - for his Heptacraft open mod source for day/night cycle triggering.

EatsHumans - for his Coop Commanders PvP open mod source for some of the top bar abilities.

Herdal - for his icon and model assets.

Hammer107 - for his icon and model assets.

GnaReffortsirk - for his icon and model assets.



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