This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Evocation Open RPG now in development more screen shots and information to come.


  • Encounters System - DONE
  • Item System - Done
  • Items saved on heroes (in case of hero death) - Done
  • Hero Save/Load No code input required. save as many heroes as you like! Complete with main menu load screen and hero preview - Done
  • FF13 - Like Stats system - Done
  • FF13 - Like Leveling system CP is gained not EXP complete with Crystarium UI - WIP
  • Custom UI - WIP
    • Status Screen (to view yourself and party members)- WIP
    • Save/Load Screen - WIP
    • Main Menu - WIP
    • Battle UI - WIP
    • World UI - WIP
  • Camera System - Done
  • Custom Unit models - Next on list
  • FF13 - Like Battle system! the whole system 1 player style or join a party for a up to 4 player team battles! - WIP
  • Save points system - WIP
  • Game Sounds - WIP
  • I have finished the enemy spawning system and Tethering AI (how long the mos will chase you ect)
  • I have finished the stagger system. (included max stagger if you approach a unit from behind) (Due to the complex nature of the stagger system to simplify it a little the enemies will have stagger values and it will be based on a % of that value so max stagger is 100% but the amount of the enemy stagger varies on the enemy)
  • PvP is being Thought up!
    • I hope to have a arena on one of the maps that teams can face off in.
    • there will be PvP damage and PvE (you dont need to do 10K to a player)
    • ?? any more ideas??
  • The first Domain trees are almost done! this means the real time turn by turn battle system will be demoed soon!
  • Chat enhancements:
    • If you type a chat message in chat it will display regardless of what map you are in.
    • Typing /p or /s simmilar to WoW will change your chat modes. this will also change the color of the text displayed.
    • Chat history will be kept in a custom dialog to carry history from map to map.
  • More to come...

There will be 15 playable heroes. 10 unlocked, includes the original cast of FF13 (good guys) a couple villains and 1 Easter egg hero that unlocked. 5 of the heroes you will be able to unlock by reaching some kind of achievement or goal.

On the images posted for the load screen what you cannot see is that those previews of the units are animated portraits.

I have decided on a 12 player max cap. With it possible to have 4 people in your party you can have a total of 3 parties at the same time. there will be a game menu (like clicking the start button) that will display stats of your other party members. you can also view their Domain trees (Talents), and Items equip.

I have created a WASD movement system.

The game will be OPEN, obtaining new Domain levels will be through quests, obtaining other Domain trees will be done through quests. obtaining your hero's specific summon will be done when you can defeat him/her the summons will have a set difficulty and you can try to obtain them at any time. once you obtain them their strength will scale with yours based on the total amount of your Domain levels. (so obtaining more Domain trees and increasing their levels will also improve your summon.)

The game will be playable by 1 person, if you travel alone, it will be you vs the mobs. but the difficulty will be reduced by an extreme measure. also with that the exp and loot rewards. i will design the game to promote at least 2 people in a party, but it will be playable with just 1.


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