Eternal Exile - Perimeter

"You control a space colony, with one simple goal in mind: Survival. Gather resources from asteroids to build up your fleet and crush anyone that threatens you. Upgrades carry over to future playthroughs. Only the most skillful commanders will have what it takes to survive the Eternal Exile."

Eternal Exile is a strategy mod for Starcraft 2 that combines short-term tactical skill with long-term strategic planning. The first installment of the mod is Eternal Exile - Perimeter, where up to three players duke it out in a resource-rich asteroid belt. Each player controls a single fleet that they must use to defeat their opponents and claim control over the sector. Resource Collectors scour the area for minerals which the player can use to produce more ships. Each player earns Tech (vespene gas) at the end of each game which can be spent on persistent upgrades. Each upgrade you buy for a fleet is permanent - for each game after you buy an upgrade, that upgrade will be researched.

To provide balance, players with a relatively low tech level will gain a bigger bonus at the end of each match compared to advanced players, while advanced players will only receive a small bonus (even if they win the battle.)

Since upgrades are persistent, Eternal Exile is an ever-evolving game. The more advanced players get, the more complicated their strategies must become for them to remain competitive.


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