Empire Builder Rev

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

A city building game like SimCity or Anno with Military. Build your economy out of oil, farms, metal or taxing your people to support your military pursuit so that you may fend off that Native Zerg and their Queen.

What can You do in this map to survive?

Strategy, Deep Economy, Survival

Thanks goto Kenji, and Anteep.


Farms feed the population, houses for the population to tax them. We've sent you a little money to start with but in all things money does not grow on trees. Military will demand high wages, make sure you have the tax and food to support them even in battle.

As leader of a new colony, your goal is to build and stabalize your economy even under threat. The planet that you've chosen is hostile and does not like your presence but your not alone in this effort. The native creatures prove to expand quickly at times. Take out their expansions quickly, and work together with the other colonies or not.

AI Disabled are for those that want to figure their city build out

Learner lets you play a game where the natives don't expand.

Easy gives you a taste of what you may expect from AI on harder difficulties.

Normal and Up introduce the Ultralisks.


To clarify, I am not the original maker of this map. However I thank the original owners, and make the changes to this version than to the actual map itself to keep its originality untouched. Yes I've changed the descriptions a bit, to better attract and perhaps suit the map.

This game is not quite an exact copy of the official mod. Due to it going public, and Kenji letting me know it was there. I would like to thank Anteep the original maker of this map, and Kenji for keeping it up to par. ^_^ Other than that, this map is being updated regularly by yours truly. I have been fixing all the little things, and the further I get into this map the more I learn about it. I am impressed, and challenged so I am very much enjoying this and playing the map as I make the changes. ^_^ Remember, I am just giving this map a refreshment, I claim no true rights other then the work I have put into making the map far more appealing and challenging.

I want to ask you, the reader if you have played, these simple questions if you would be kind enough to give your opinion. :D

If you don't wish to Register feel free to email me at [email protected]

1: Did you enjoy this version, and what did you like or dislike about this map?

2: What difficulty do you normally play on? Whats the hardest difficulty you've played?

3: Do you PVP or do you play well with others? =P

4: I've been trying to improve the economy a bit so that it doesn't take an hour to get going. Do you like that idea, or do you prefer the games that take over an hour to sometimes 2hours?

5: What are your favorite units, and why?

6: Will you play this map again?

7: If you were able to change something, what would you change to improve the experience and why? (that isn't a bug in the map)


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