Elemental TankWars ALPHA


Elemental TankWars

First of all i want to say that this map has absolutley nothing to do with Elemental TD, is not a try to compete with it or anything else related to it.

It´s just an coincidence - we started working on that map 1 week ago and had no knowledge of EleTD - and now we just dont want to change our concept that involves elements.

What is Elemental TankWars?

Elemental TankWars is a map mixed of concepts like spawndefense, tankdef (known from bw or the sc2 beta (tankdef 2.0)) with some features like abilities and a elemental system (red > green > yellow > blue > red).

it is an 2 Teams map, each team can hold 4 Players - you can play it 1v1 up to 4v4.

every team has its own "tankdef" like terrain and has to choose from 4 different colors of tanks, each color having its own bonus against a special color type.

also you are able to generate vespene while sending "slave miners" into your "Mine of Death" to generate periodic vespene income.
Vespene is used to send units to your enemy, choosen from several colors and strengths.

What Features does it have?

- 2 Teams a 4 Players (1v1 up to 4v4 supported)
- 4 Different colors each having its own weakness and strength
- Several levels of Units to send them your enemies in all available colors grantin different income
- Income system: send units to increase your mineral income
- Unique Vespene Resource system (Mine of Death has cargo slots, more miners = more vespene income)
- Custom Music! Ambience & Bosslevel music created by junkietron

soon to come:

- Abilities to help your units reach the endzone or prevent enemy units from doing the same (ensnare, speed buff, scan, change color of tank/unit etc..)
- More unitlevels & Tanks
- More Colors
- Boss Levels


Alpha - Released on EU - category "Tower Defense"

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