Duo Duel Arena 2 (discontinued)

The start of a remake of an old Warcraft 3 style hero arena. It was to feature a full talent tree for each hero and host 10 different Dungeons and battle arenas. Kael'Thas is the only completed hero at this time. His talent tree is fully functional and I added 10 talents to mess with off the bat as a preview of the mechanics. The first dungeon is fully fleshed out and is supposed to feel like a scarlet monastery run. There are several custom abilities on the creeps and they have light ai. I have created dungeon wall models for the first dungeon in blender. The first boss is mostly finished and can be accessed by walking to the staircase in the 1st dungeon. Once inside the boss room you need to walk to the right side to trigger the fight. You may feel free to use any of the assets from this map that I have created. It also features a custom UI layout that is loosely based on Heroes of the Storm/Diablo.


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