Double Jack Tower Wars v1.2 ChangeLog



  • Bio:
    • Curroptor's corruption slow effect nerfed from .5 movement speed to .95 movement speed
    • Sunken Colony's baneling explosion damage nerfed from 50 to 20
    • UltraLisk attack speed halved
  • Tech:
    • All Tech towers damage nerfed 20%
    • PsiStorm now hits units lifted by Gravitron Tower
  • Power:
    • Doubled the return on Power Core upgrades - Upgrades now add 2 energy regen instead of 1
  • Splash:
    • Thor's AA missile damage buffed from 20 to 30
    • Firebat Bunker attack damage now does the proper amount of 16 and no longer does +6 vs light


  • Bio:
    • Infestor's fungal growth ability has a button
    • Drone's no longer collide with Creeps
  • Tech:
    • PsiStorm tooltip now displays the proper amount of damage a PsiStorm does
    • Gravitron Tower hieght lowered from 3 to 2
    • Gravitron Tower now has a gravity beam tooltip where its attack was
    • Tech builder now gives 25 supply
    • Pylons no longer give 8 supply - Pylons now cost 1 supply, you can have a maximum of 25 pylons
    • Pylons no longer count as towers in your tower count on the leaderboard
    • PsiStorm impact art removed to help with lag issues
    • PsiStorm no longer does shield hitter impact art to help with lag issues
  • Power:
    • Power Builder energy distribution fixed, energy no longer overflows into towers that don't need it.
    • Ghost sniper shot ability now has a button
    • Power Core upgrade research time no longer scales
    • Power Lines are now properly removed when a player is defeated
    • Power Core is no longer a worker
    • Units produced from Power buildings are no longer workers
    • SCV's scaled down to fit with Command Center
  • Splash:
    • Raven's seeker missle now has a button
    • Removed supplies from splash fortress
    • Splash builder now gives 10 supplies
    • Splash targets now cost 1 supply, you can have a maximum of 10
    • Splash builder now starts with 1 target
    • Splash builder target cost increased from 5 to 50
    • Hellion attack beam impact art removed to help with lag issues
    • Splash target no longer has shields to help with lag issues
    • Siege Tanks now have the Sell Tower ability
  • Traits:
    • Fixed Bug where Reckless trait was 1. affecting towers and 2. making towers deal double damage
  • Creeps:
    • Zerg Creeps' tooltips changed to state that they move faster on creep.
    • Stalker Tooltip changed to state that it is slow.
    • Overlord death animation added
    • Roach unburrow ability taken away
    • Zealots now properly give income
    • Stalkers are now selectable
    • Creep unit radius' normalized to match Wall Checker
  • Wall Checker:
    • Wall Checker no longer attacks creeps
    • Removed Ghost/Thor walling problems
  • LeaderBoard:
    • When a play dies the Tower section now says DEAD to differentiate defeated from non-defeated players
  • Other:
    • Description changed to mention Line Tower Wars
    • Loading screen slightly changed to make reading easier and sharpen the Double Jack Productions Logo
    • When someone wins losers are given the defeat screen

NOTE: There is no version v1.1 ........................ v1.3 ChangeLog


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