Desert Strike version Square Alpha Demo

Desert Strike version Square is based on DS version Queen by Queen-Gambit for SC1. Every effort is being taken to make this game an excellent one that will remain a favorite for years to come.

The version available here is a demo while Bnet is down. The game is recommended for 6 players, but in this 1 player version I've implemented some very simplistic AI so that you can get the feel for the map so that when Bnet is back up, I can pwn you :P.

This map features: Updated UI:

  • Booms are used via a clean dialog interface called the boom menu. (None of this archaic "move the unit to the beacon")
  • Players can be banned via a similar interface.
  • Camera control is possible, and sounds are retained at a greater camera distance.
  • Building tooltips state plainly what each structure adds to a spawn. (None of this archaic unit name changing)
  • Clean Leaderboard with vital game information.
  • Tips available (press F12) to help new players understand what to do.

Game Mechanics:

  • 45 second timer
  • 1 player from each team spawns each time the timer expires.
  • Income of 9 minerals/1.25 seconds
  • Building on vespene geysers increases your income by 2 per 1.25 seconds. This also pauses your economy for 20 seconds, which increases with each vespene geyser claimed.
  • Excellent unit AI. Tanks siege/unsiege when appropriate. Infestors use fungal growth, spawn infested terrans, and even occasionally use neural parasite (It is awesome when you get a battlecruiser, thor, collosus, etc!!). Stalkers blink back to avoid being front line defenders. Medivacs attempt to stay a safe distance behind the front line while still healing. The mothership stays as far back as it can while still cloaking the front line. Marines and Marauders use their stim packs the first time they enter combat. The list goes on, and the AI usually satisfies you that your units aren't just mindlessly attacking to the enemy base.

Please provide feedback! You can post on the forums or email me at


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