The Desert Station

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You follow the journey of a Murloc Marine who runs out of gas while in the middle of the desert. Luckily you run out of gas at a gas station... Unluckily, you don't have any money to pay for the gas. So what are you gonna do to make up that money? Well, how bout doin' some minigames, stealing, and other crazy stuff.

The map will include:

Unique Storyline

Social Gameplay

Multiple Minigames

Housing System

Pet System

Bar + Other Areas


Planning on Including in Future Updates:

Multiplayer Support - So you can play and socialize with your friends Expanding Map + New Areas - Nothing like playing and playing! Start/Buy a Business

You can find the forum post here:

  • This is unconfirmed but Ekcolnovkol might be Collabing to help produce this game!

V2 Edit

I have worked on the map some and here are the most recent updates:

Unique Camera System

Worked on the bar, looks much better than it did (there are now what will be the actual bar, a house item shop, music changer/ music mingame)

Added a mine entrance

Added a Mine (which will have 2 minigames)

Plans for the Future:

Add drinks to the bar

Add house item shop in the bar

Add Music Minigame

Add Mine Minigames

Add a new zone


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