Vorazun Campaign (On Hold)

Current Status

Vorazun Campaign will not be continued until the first act of Shadow of Liberty is finished.

TChosenOne's Playthrough

For TChosenOne's playthrough click here


Deltronlive's Playthrough

For Deltronlive's playthrough click here


How To Play The Map

Watch this link to play the maps here


Custom Campaign Initiative

For the Custom Campaign Initiative, click here


It is a time of great peace. 2 years have passed since the destruction of Amon. The Terran Dominion have been fighting against the Defenders of Man. The Zerg Swarm have been infesting worlds close to Char. The Protoss have been rebuilding their once great civilization. However, some provinces have gone dark. Some Templar say this is the work of their Nerazim brothers.


I will be working on this campaign along side my other campaign Shadow of Liberty. Why, you may ask. Well, working on just one campaign is to tedious for me.


Special Thanks

  • Thrikodias for models.
  • Hammer107 for models.
  • TChosenOne for videos.
  • Deltronlive for videos.


  • You will play as Vorazun and the Nerazim Protoss in this campaign.
  • You will have a choice on what difficulty you would like to play on. Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal.


  • 01: The United Order - Broken
  • 02: Allies - Broken
  • 03: Heirloom - Working On
  • 04: Gaining Acquaintances - Planning
  • 05: Standing United - Planning


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