Deimos Valley

I got a rough idea of this map when playing the hungry baneling so I would like to thank johnfloyd for making that map and giving me these ideas. I recommend anyone who hasn't played his map yet to check it out here:


The Terran and Protoss forces have become allies and taken over this land! You must build up a massive army to fight the enemy and regain this territory. As you progress, you will find new technology from your enemy bases which will earn you new units and upgrades.

How to Play:

- You can only control the queen, infested terrans, spine crawlers, and spore crawlers.

- Use the queen to build spawning facilities for zerg units (Units do not spawn from larva!).

- Use creep tumors to expand your building space.

- You will get a lair and hive for destroying command centers.

Enemy Spawning Facilities (Focus on destroying these!):

- Supply Depot: Marines

- Gateway: Zealots

- Barracks: Marauders

- Cybernetics Core: Stalkers

- Planetary Fortress: Thors

- Nexus: Colossi

Please let me know if you find any bugs or glitches!

Note: This map no longer works properly. I'm not going to fix it since I rather remake it with multiplayer and more features.


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