*Final VERSION*D E A D C R A F T Ep. 1

This is the final Version I will starting on Ep 2, now please report any bugs
you might find there shouldn't be any though.
This Version brings some Minor Graphic changes
as well a new UI Item which is Camera control
players can now choose from 3 different camera angles
to satisfy most peoples personal taste
so Enjoy the final Version of Dead Craft Episode 1 Forsaken
Heres a small Video shows the New camera UI

This a new version of the map that has many new features and is much more in-depth then the past version CHECK IT OUT ENJOY!!! Ready to go is Episode one of Dead Craft
The Interactive Cinematic First shooter Horror map
This map takes place right after my Cinematic opening map
D E A D C R A F T Ep 0. The Arrival so i suggest you download and watch that first

LINK FOR D E A D C R A F T Ep. 0 http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/d-e-d-c-r-f-t/

The story is roughly based around Dead Space but in the starcraft universe.
Enjoy as you are challenged to solve puzzles, watch in horror as Issac(main char) slowly
looses his grasp on reality as he travels deeper into the ship. Only to find more horrors
awaiting him....
please give feed back, suggestions, and report any bug you find!

Thank you and GOOD LUCK

Thanks to S3rius for beta testing I suggest you call download and play his Resident Overmind map, its really good.


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