Customizable Hotkeys

Use pre-defined dialog box to edit hotkeys, you can either specify a set of them, or input Unit ID to automatically generate it.

Functions included:

  • Hotkey thru UNIT
  • Hotkey Setup thru Buttons
  • Load Set
  • Save Hotkeys to Bank
  • Hide/Show Hotkey Box
  • Change Hotkey Box Size and Position

Hotkey thru UNIT - Use this to open the editing box with command buttons taken from units command card.


  1. Player - player which window will open to.
  2. Unit Type - ID of unit to look up buttons.
  3. Set Number - Number of Set the buttons will be saved to. Use zero if you want to disable saving.
  4. Load Previous - Boolean, use TRUE if you want to load hotkeys previously saved at the same set number.
  5. Card Number - Number of Command card that should be copied. Input them as they appear in data editor (1,2,3,4 are accepted, else returns 1)

Hotkey Setup thruButtons - Use this to open the editing box with input Buttons.

Parameters: most of them same as thru UNIT, with addition of 15 button IDs to manually input. They're ordered as on command card.

Load Set - Loads previously saved Set of hotkeys, to buttons they were assigned to when saved. Note, it may interfere if player has edit box currently open.


  1. Set number - number of set to be loaded.
  2. Player - affected player.

Save Hotkeys to Bank - Forces currently selected hotkeys to be saved for input player. Function won't fire if Set == 0.

Hide/Show Hotkey Box - because I've set library to be Internal, use this to show/hide Editing Dialog. (Box automatically shows up when using setup functions thru unit or buttons)

Change Hotkey Box Size and Position - coz i slack i forgot to rename, it only changes position. Input X,Y and anchor.

Important note: Using this library requires certain Game Text to be input in your map, or else it won't be able to function. Either manually input, or copy/paste those values to localehere/LocalizedData/Hotkeys.txt inside your map .MPQ. Attached Hotkeys.txt file contains those values.


Known Problems: When creating new Hotkey Editing Box, it's impossible to read their current hotkey. Unless you load previously saved set, Dialog will show question marks instead. Thank blizzard for prohibiting text->string conversion.


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