Calaendric Knight unit responses


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These unit responses were originally written for a deprecated BW campaign. I have revoiced them in 2018 and made them available for public use.




Unit is trained
Bring forth the hammer, and the anvil!


Unit is selected

I pledge my loyalty!
Where am I needed?
We need only to strike!
The crimson dawn awaits!


Unit is given an order
To the death!
Tear their souls from their forms!
My blood burns!


Unit is selected repeatedly

The Calaendric Knights are not to be trifled with!
Command, or be relieved!
Procure results or be cast aside!
Insubordination is punished with plasma, and fury!
You leave the courts with no choice but to sentence you!
There are many executioners in the ranks of the Cabal, and I shall be first in line to volunteer.