CL V. 0.5


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    Oct 18, 2012
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  • Major Update! Critical for continued use!
  • Lag reduced significantly
  • New options which allow for even more restriction of how upgrades are used and how EXP is applied
  • New ways of picking units so you no longer have to manually input values for each unit, it will instead pick the unit type of your current unit and level all units with that type. You can also easily modify the code to allow for only the unit in question to be leveled, and not every unit of that type.
  • All Variables and Internal Whatsits are hidden, no more clutter as you trigger!
  • Otherwise major improvements to code execution and implementation.
  • Catalogs are NYE, will be when I release Custom Leveler V. 0.6

Have not tried on all 15 players or online.

Although lag is virtually a non-issue, the more you have going on as the library gives EXP and decides if you need to level the more lag you will have exponentially.

As a precaution, make sure to try to level a unit while you have at least 3 other high intensity triggers running. To test if it will run in your map under heavy strain.

Use and edit at own discretion.