The more controls, the more strategy ! Play the same game, on the same maps, with same balance as blizzard game. But with improved controls ! Focus yourself less on mechanics, and more on the strategic side of the game.

Features :

  • Auto-cast for larva injection, queen transfusion and MULE¬†calldown is enable (initially off)
  • Auto-train for units in barracks, factories, starport, gateway, robotics facilities and stargate is enable (initially off)
  • Visual warning when coming close to supply block
  • New ability is available for vespene extractor buildings, to saturate them with a single click
  • Friendly attack is disable (but friendly fire still exist for AOE)
  • Tips on the loading screen to learn to use the mod
  • A cooldown now apply to stim to avoid over-stim on marines and marauders


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