CTF Capture the Flag Teams!

Capture the flag! 2 Bases red and blue, its a 2v2 or 1v1 map. Choose your 3 units all with custom abilities. All units are givin 100 energy and thats what all moves cost. Each team has a Teleporter to get them out of there base quickly. In the back corners of the map are spawning Zerglings farm them for minerals, but you will be out of position if there to long. Capture the Xel Naga towers and gain map control without having to leave unit at tower. The game is fully playable, and updates coming everyday! we just addedupgrades so you can spend the minerals you get for killing players and zerglins, andcapturing the flag. When you capture the flag you become visible and can not travel in a teleporter, and you need to get back to your base and you can only score if your flag is there. It takes some good team work to pull of scoring. When your unit dies, it is put in "Jail" off the map and is moved to your respawn point in your base after 5 seconds.


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