In-Game Commands

This is a quick workup of the available commands in Cortex.

@spawn - Allows you to create units under your spawner.
Example usages:
@spawn 12 marine - spawns 12 marines
@spawn 12 zergling @hostile - Spawns 12 zerglings and gives them to the hostiel computer.
@spawn marine - Spawns a single marine
@spawn sieg @blue - Spawns a siege tank and gives it to blue.

@kill - Kills whatever you have selected.
@remove - See @kill, except with removing.
@scale - Allows you to change the scale of any unit you have selected.
Example usages:
@scale 1.5 - Makes the unit 1.5x bigger!

@tint - Allows you to change the vertex coloring of any unit you have selected.
Example usages:
@tint 255 0 0 - Makes the unit completely red. (Tints are in r,g,b format)
@tint 255 255 255 0.5 - Makes a half-transparent unit (last optional parameter involves transparency and is between 0 and 1).

@color - Allows you to change the unit's team coloring.
Ex: @color blue - makes the unit's color blue.

@setname - Allows you to change a unit's name for chat purposes only.
Example: @setname Jimmy - this unit is now known as Jimmy for purposes of the @say command.

@say - Allows you to talk as a unit.
@say Hi! - Makes the unit you have selected say Hi! If you overrode it's name using @setname, it will appear as that name.


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