A redone version of the sc1 Civilization. Build up your civilization. Will it stand the test of time? Or will it fall to your enemies? Will there be world peace? Or a world war? Will you discover the secrets of those who came before you? Or will you pave your own path through the world? Its all up to you.

Current Version: 1.0
The map is now on the US server as Civilization Renewed.

The Redone Version will include: *Pack AI *Mating Seasons *More animals *Better Stone Age *Units can enter camps for protection. *Cannons won’t cost anything to power up anymore, but will require Bronze Age to use. *Nerfing the Cannon a little bit.

Here’s a preview of the Stone Age, along with a little bit of the Tribe Age.

Note: I’m going to be redoing the map, this time it will be more balanced. It will be very different.


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