City of Horrors

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of StarCraft II. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



City of Horrors is an 8 player Story/Survival game which allows players to vote for either the story of 31st Company of the US Marines in the year 2029. Where a virus has broken out of the CDC, and the entire city of Atlanta has been contained. Survival mode allows players to walk the shoes of the survivors of the apocalypse, where getting different guns and weapons could ultimately decide your fate. 8 players can capture their own vehicles and run around killing or allying each other, while Bank files save their survivor. Upon death, they lose their survivor ultimately and will have to restart in another match.


In 2022, the CDC invested into the research of Prions. The first test subjects were domesticated animals and gradually moved up to Humans.


In 2024, one unknown employee found a link between Prions and Brain activity, one of the reasons BSE was so deadly. They found a way to reanimate dead Brain tissue and reported it to the their boss.


It is now April 13th of the year 2029, just another casual Friday at the CDC. The research of the unknown employee had paid off, the CDC researchers were able to bring a dead dog back to 'Life' using the Prion formula and some other substances. Yet, it gave unexpected results.

Within hours, three quarters of the staff were dead or infected with a disease which is neither understood or controllable. Most sprinted towards the city upon escape, before the US Marines could contain them to the CDC building. When the Marines entered, they found a trail of bodies.


The story is completely original, and I came up with it myself. I went around the CDC and took some real pictures, which inspired me to bring them into the story. CDC


Items are required to survive, including different guns. The Infected don't get stronger, or come in different wave sizes, or any bullcrap. They simply spawn one or two Infected every 15 seconds, at several locations around the map with a maximum amount of them to stop lag. These Infected have Critter Wander on them, so they wander aimlessly like real zombies probably would. Attacking or killing one will cause every Infected on the map to attack the position of the gunshot. Eventually, they'll spread out again and return to their random wandering.


City of Horrors features a Team Vehicle System for the Storyline, and a Solo Vehicle System for the Survival Mode. The Team Vehicle System was made by Photoloss.


Hunger - Morality and Disease will be the three main effects of Survival mode. All can be treated by doing the following:

Hunger can be fixed by eating a Bag of Chips or Can of Beans.

Morality can be fixed by helping another survivor, rather than killing them.

Disease can be fixed with Antibiotics and Cough Syrup.

Help from a lot of people made my project possible.

Credit (Data/Triggers): Photoloss (Vehicles System) - Vicboy (Bank Files) - DeadZergling (Switch Firing Modes System) - Siretu (Dialog tutorial here: )

Credit (Graphical Assets): A lot of the Modelers at (Those Modelers make some REALLY cool stuff like Helicopters and Tanks!) SoulFilcher (SoulFilcher's Doodad Pack) - Kanitala (Juggernaut Model) - Rulerian (Medic /w Pistol) - sgtnoobkilla (M1 Abrams) - GhostNova91 (HOTS Hellbat/SC1 Ghost)

Credit (Ideas/Feedback): SenorPhantom (Testing + Idea of Shadowforge Syn-Troopers.))

Beta will add a bunch of new stuff.

A Changelog will be made off-site, soon.


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