[Campaign] Starcraft 2: Shadow of Liberty

Current Status

  • Mission 10 has just been released and is in need of testing. If you find any bugs, place them in the comments.


The Feral Zerg have reappeared by attacking several Dominion worlds. No one knows why the Zerg have all of a sudden become so aggressive. Arcturus himself assigned General King's forces to set up orbital defenses in high orbit above Castanar to push the Zerg back. Arcturus also ordered Victor Von to assist General King in his defense, and any rebels they may encounter.


This is my first campaign within the the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor. I have to say, it has been a long but fun journey so far. I've always enjoyed playing Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void. Also, I enjoy playing campaigns made by the public. This is my first campaign, but it will not be my last.

How To Install

Follow these instructions made by VastanX.

Part 1: Shadow of Liberty Install Part 1

Part 2: Shadow of Liberty Install Part 2

Part 3: Shadow of Liberty Install Part 3


How to open the maps:


This campaign has custom music. I thought putting in custom music in some parts of this campaign would help the atmosphere of some areas.


  • You will play all 3 races in this campaign.
  • You will have a choice on what difficulty you would like to play on. Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal.

DeltronLive's Playthrough


For playthrough click here


Jayborino's Playthrough


For playthrough click here


DEFILERRULEZ Playthrough Of Mission 9


For video click here


Special thanks to deltronLive, DEFILERRULEZ, and Jayborino for playing, providing entertainment, and feedback for this campaign. Also, special thanks to VastanX for creating the instructions on how to install my campaign.


Ever since EivindL released Perfect Soldiers and DudkiSC2 started working on Annihilation, I've always wanted to make campaign of my own. So thank you EivindL and DudkiSC2 for inspiring me to make my own campaign and continue doing your great work.

Custom Campaign Initiative

For the Custom Campaign Initiative, click here



If you have any feedback you would like to give me, leave it in the comments.


Act 1 - Requiem for the Korpulu Sector

  • 01: The Covert Ops - Release
  • 02: Homecoming - Release
  • 03: The Queen of Blades - Release
  • 04: Crash Landing - Release
  • 05: The Awakening - Release
  • 06: New Found Foes - Release
  • 07: Desperate Times - Release
  • Cinematic - Birth Of Order - Release
  • 08: Lost Knowledge - Release
  • 09: Unwelcome Guests - Release
  • 10: Breath Of Creation - Beta
  • 11: Return To Tarsonis - Working On
  • 12: The Descent - Working On
  • 13: Unexpected Arrival - Planning
  • 14: End Of The Line - Working On

Act 2 - Banishment of the Exiled

  • 01: Retaking An Old Relic - No Status
  • 02: Outnumbered - No Status
  • 03: Moria - No Status
  • 04: Where It All Began - No Status
  • 05: Old Values Fall - No Status
  • 06: The Distraction - No Status
  • 07: An Empire Falls, Another Rises - No Status
  • 08: Only Hope - No Status
  • 09: Enemy Data - No Status
  • 10: False Heroes Return - No Status
  • 11: Hour Of Liberation - No Status
  • More Coming Soon


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