BZP Four Fort Lavatown

The first official map for the Battlezone Project, this is being used to test out the Project. However, all triggers relating to the project have been removed: this is to protect the systems being created specifically for it. This map has been uploaded for asking other players on the map design, how to make it better as an arena-style fast-and-furious Battlezone map, and just generally comments on the quality of the map.

This map has been made by JerreyRough; however, remember that it is primarily for testing purposes and may not be officially released with other Battlezone maps upon this project's release.

All comments are welcome. But please remember that the distinct lack of terrain objects is because A) the moons in our solar system are particularly sparse in the first place, and B) because doodads would negatively affect gameplay because of their lack of projectile hit detection.


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