SC2BW Maps v0.93


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    Nov 27, 2010
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Hardcore Mode Additions
    - Smart Casting disabled on most spells (example. select 4 High Templars and cast Storm. all 4 Templars cast storm instead of just 1)
    - Spells affected are. Psionic Storm, Stasis Field, Maelstrom, Mind Control, Dark Swarm, Plague, Disruption Web, Nuclear Strike, Lockdown, Optical Flare, Restoration, Ensnare, Parasite, Spawn Broodling, Defensive Matrix, EMP, Irradiate.
    - Autocast for Repair Disabled
    - Camera Distance from the Ground reduced from 34.07 > 30 (Default SC2 Camera shows more area than in BW)

New Unit Models (ported from the Warcraft 3 Mod "Project Revoluion)
Arbiter - increased poly count. touched up texture. added Normal and Emissive maps.
Valkyrie - straight port. already great model and texture. added Normal map.
Corsair - increased poly count. touched up texture. added Normal and Emissive maps. (texture is very low quality. needs to be redone from scratch i feel)

New Button Icons/Wireframes

Temporarily removed Specular mapping from the Dragoon model as it was causing the cloaked-flat-teamcolor-bug, this seems to be an issue with the import/export plugin. temp fix for now
Hydralisk Morph to Lurker ability changed so that when pressing the hotkey all selected Hydralisks will morph as opposed to just 1.
"Magic Box" size increased slightly.
Deceleration Values of Units that have them. slightly increased. (units slow down and stop faster. this does not affect the 0.25 second timeframe where units do not decelerate after being told to attack/patrol/hold position)
Reduced the rate at which air units "Spread" when stacked.
Changed the way Explosive/Concussive Damage works against Shielded Units. A Unit will need more than 10 Shields to receive full damage from an Explosive/Concussive Attack (for example Zealots can now survive 4 shots from a Siege Tank instead of 2)
Fixed a bug that allowed you to research the Upgrades at the Physics Lab multiple times
Infested Terran movement speed increased
Infested Terran sight radius reduced from 8 > 5
Infested Terran now costs 1 Supply
"You are being revealed" mechanic has been removed
Broodlings now have a bar to indicate their lifespan
Infested Command Center regenerates life like other zerg buildings/units
Plague effect radius increased from 1.5 > 3.3
Lurker Den replaced by Lurker Aspect. An Upgrade as opposed to a Building.
Valkyrie's attack no longer deals Splash Damage to Ground Units
Undid the change to Mineral Harvest time, reverted back to 4.4575
Reworked the way High Ground Miss Chance is calculated
    - Miss chance is now calculated BEFORE damage is inflicted as opposed to AFTER. This simply means an attack can now miss when being fired at a unit that would die 1 more shot
Nuclear Missile reworked. will now deal either 500 Damage or 2/3 of Units HP (Bugged. Validator is broken on Blizzard's End. it mostly works except that it detects Current HP instead of Maximum HP when deciding which Damage to Apply. f.e. a Nexus will survive with 10hp after 2 Nukes. Nothing i can do about this until Blizzard fixes the Validator.)
Eggs and Larva can no longer be assigned to any control group at all.