SC2BW - Maps v0.92


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    Nov 16, 2010
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Hardcore Mode Added
    This incorporates a few of the restrictions players had to deal with in the original Starcraft - Brood War
    - Limited to 1 Selected Building at a time (No MBS)
    - Limited to 12 Selected Units at a time (No Unlimited Unit Selection)
    - Control Groups are Limited to 12 Units at a time
    - Workers cannot be rallied to Mineral Fields with the "Gather" Ability (No Automine)

Many many changes to tooltips
Extractor/Refinery Health increased from 500 > 750
Can now cancel Sunken/Spore Colony Morph by hitting ESC
Sunken Colony Morph Cost reduced from 75 > 50
All Attack/Armor/Shield Upgrades take longer for Level 2 and 3
Mutate Lurker Den cost increased to 200/200
Consume can no longer be cast on Larva or Eggs
Consume will fail to cast if the Defiler already has 250 Energy
Units that are Burrowed will not be affected when Plague is cast. Units who are already affected by Plague and then Burrow will still take Damage.
Guardian/Devourer food cost increased from 2 > 4
Spawn Broodling and Ensnare now affect Friendly Targets
Restoration can no longer be used on targets affected by Defensive Matrix
Comsat Station no longer gains 50 Energy when it connects with a Command Center. Only when it has completed construction will it gain 50 Energy.
Stimpack ability removed from Bunkers
Charon Boosters now only grant Increased Range to it's GtA Attack
Pylon Armor reduced from 1 > 0
Shield Battery can now cast it's Ability by simply Right Clicking a unit without full Shields
Disruption Web no longer prevents Spells from being cast
Yamato Cannon is now Explosive Damage
Infest Ability added to the Queen
Infested Terrans can now be built from the Infested Command Center
Mineral Gather rate reduced from 4.4575 > 3.838
Can no longer Zoom or Rotate the Camera
Fixed Missile Turret Requirement. You may now build Missile Turrets with a flying Engineering Bay.