Blitzkrieg Assault

How to Play

  • This map is currently a public beta in the US region only. If you want me to publish in a different region then let me know. You can play the map by going to create game with the popular filter selected and search "Blitzkrieg" - It should show up as one of the results.


  • Build unit spawners using your main base (you can only build in the starting area). These unit spawners will automatically send units to the enemy.
  • Train your hero and level up his abilities to defeat stronger enemies.
  • Heroes are chosen based on your race (Raynor = Terran, Zeratul = Protoss, Kerrigan = Zerg). Heroes each have 4 levelable abilities with unique purposes to deal with all situations plus one non-levelable special ability.
  • This map supports 1-4 players. Difficulty scales based on the number of players.
  • You will get vespene gas after getting a certain amount of kills and for finding gas pallets in bonus locations in the map. Use vespene gas to purchase upgrades for your units.
  • Enemy unit spawners function the same as player unit spawners. Destroy these to limit the enemy's army.
  • Enemy attack waves will show up at various points in the map. These are large waves of powerful units that are best stopped with your hero.
  • There are a few bosses throughout the map with powerful attacks and special abilities. They are hard to kill, but give players rewards when they are defeated.
  • Use checkpoints to minimize travel distance for your hero.
  • If your hero dies, it will be respawned in 15 seconds with a 100 mineral penalty.

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