Battleships SC2

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

A remake of the battleships map from WC3. The map shares the same play style as the original and will have updated graphics, models, and UI making a great game even more enjoyable.

I intend to have a tiered weapon system with all shops from the original map placed into dialogs. The trade system will return and will need a lot of balancing so that it is beneficial but not necessary.

A terrain set that changes throughout the progress of the game, or multiple themed sets. The idea is that as the game progresses, so does the technology of the empire (as the players are able to purchase more advanced ships and weapons). If the doodads around the base changed slowly throughout the course of the game this would give a unique feel to the game. If this is not possible I will look into having multiple tilesets (probably 3) with different themes.

I want to develop a method of shallow water for the main harbour as SC2 does not have this naturally (I have an idea of how to do this).

Credit for boat models goes to Zarrak and Zaysite. Thanks for pulling these from WoW guys, still looking for more models though.


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