[Campaign] Alarak's Conquest

Alarak's Conquest


First thing that i will upload here will be alpha version of Tal'darim mod for the campaign and test map for it. Missions will be added later, when i get time to make them. If you find any issues, please report them to me, also i welcome any feedback in comments. Enjoy playing !!! Also some units have custom voice acting.


Credits for assets: 


TA_Devourer portrait - WingedArchon
Mission Briefing (Campaign) triigers - CybrosX
New Ascendant Portrait (recolored purifier high templar portrait), Tal'darim guardian - CybrosX / Narudek
Talon Disruptor (Eye of Slayn) - WingedArchon
Talon Crusader (Phalanx) - WingedArchon
Agonizer model / portrait (Dark female high templar), female Zealot - GhostNova91
Slayer Model (Tal'darim Stalker Collection) - SoulFilcher
Tal'darim effects / dark shrine, purifier effects - herdal8
Tal'darim ark shuttle, mothership core, arbiter, Scout, legionnaire, desolator, magnaguard - Hammer107
LOTV Clolarion, purifier void ray hero - Hammer107
Ulrezaj (Blood hunter chief), purifier Karass, Purifier preserver, TA Devourer - Alleyvipersc2
Acolyte - GhostNova91
Tal'darim Tempest Portrait, purifier Probe, purifier star relic - SoulFilcher
Nerazim templar, Boros Warrior, Landranix, Arbiter Portrait (Frigate Portrait) - Cacho56
Red Nyon Portrait, Tal'darim build effect, Tal'darim Scout Portrait - Kazor132
Tal'darim Observer, Warp Prism, Zealot, Carrier, probe portraits, Tal'darim shadow trail - Kazor132
Lots of Ability and Unit icons - SoulFilcher
Beta Immortal quotes - SoulFilcher
Armored Votary (Vanguard Zealot / Armored zealot) - Hammer107 / TaylorMouse
Stone Zealot Portrait, Xerana, sc1 photon cannon - Thrikodias
Purifier replicant / mothership core / mothership / mothership shield / mothership missile, instigator warp in - herdal8
Dark Templar Female Portrait - Thrikodias / herdal8
Shard Cannon - Thrikodias
Xel'naga PsyDrone - Gradius
Fortress roach - Scythelisk #587/seraphlio


Some of the assets are not used yet, but i plan to use them. If you find any uncredited model that i forgot to credit, please tell me.


Spoil from the beggining of the campaign


Just a random screenshot



Campaign Feedback


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