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This project is currently canceled, I find it hard to continue making it, because I do not have that much free time and mapmaking is really time consuming. It pains me a bit, since I've already created many unique units and thought through the story. I still have the ideas for the missions in my head, so if anyone would like to inspire or continue making this, I'd share them with you. Also if you want, you can test some unused purifier units and some heroes that are already in the mod.


I'll be continuing making models for this community and maybe even making some missions from time to time in form of a new project named StarCraft2: The Untold Stories, which will contain multiple unique missions featuring lesser know StarCraft characters or completely new ones. However there will be little conection between individual maps, so it will be easier to just make one map at a time instead of a continuous campaign as it is hard having a story for 9-10 missions and publishing like 1-3 missions a year, it would take too long to finish. I think it will be better for me and for you if I'll just do a mission that has it's own story and ending and you won't have to wait for continuing.


Hope you understand this and hope there wasn't anyone too hyped for the rest of Alarak's Conquest.


Alarak's Conquest


First thing that i will upload here will be alpha version of Tal'darim mod for the campaign and test map for it. Missions will be added later, when i get time to make them. If you find any issues, please report them to me, also i welcome any feedback in comments. Enjoy playing !!! Also some units have custom voice acting.


Credits for assets: 


TA_Devourer portrait - WingedArchon
Mission Briefing (Campaign) triigers - CybrosX
New Ascendant Portrait (recolored purifier high templar portrait), Tal'darim guardian - CybrosX / Narudek
Talon Disruptor (Eye of Slayn) - WingedArchon
Talon Crusader (Phalanx) - WingedArchon
Agonizer model / portrait (Dark female high templar), female Zealot - GhostNova91
Slayer Model (Tal'darim Stalker Collection) - SoulFilcher
Tal'darim effects / dark shrine, purifier effects - herdal8
Tal'darim ark shuttle, mothership core, arbiter, Scout, legionnaire, desolator, magnaguard - Hammer107
LOTV Clolarion, purifier void ray hero - Hammer107
Ulrezaj (Blood hunter chief), purifier Karass, Purifier preserver, TA Devourer - Alleyvipersc2
Acolyte - GhostNova91
Tal'darim Tempest Portrait, purifier Probe, purifier star relic - SoulFilcher
Nerazim templar, Boros Warrior, Landranix, Arbiter Portrait (Frigate Portrait) - Cacho56
Red Nyon Portrait, Tal'darim build effect, Tal'darim Scout Portrait - Kazor132
Tal'darim Observer, Warp Prism, Zealot, Carrier, probe portraits, Tal'darim shadow trail - Kazor132
Lots of Ability and Unit icons - SoulFilcher
Beta Immortal quotes - SoulFilcher
Armored Votary (Vanguard Zealot / Armored zealot) - Hammer107 / TaylorMouse
Stone Zealot Portrait, Xerana, sc1 photon cannon - Thrikodias
Purifier replicant / mothership core / mothership / mothership shield / mothership missile, instigator warp in - herdal8
Dark Templar Female Portrait - Thrikodias / herdal8
Shard Cannon - Thrikodias
Xel'naga PsyDrone - Gradius
Fortress roach - Scythelisk #587/seraphlio


Some of the assets are not used yet, but i plan to use them. If you find any uncredited model that i forgot to credit, please tell me.


Spoil from the beggining of the campaign


Just a random screenshot



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