Allows for the use, edit, manipulation, and complete recoding of all code held within, under the current conditions: 1. Credit the author either in a comment in the Asset's code or in the map it was used in. 2. Make sure this comment or other code is CLEARLY VISIBLE either in-game or while looking through the code. This means have it either in it's own folder which is in the root directory or have the code itself in the root directory. 3. This Asset and any additions hereafter are to NEVER be used for monetary gain in their current configuration. In essence, without significant changes made by yourself or other people. 4. Programs made and/or distributed with ANY DATA from this asset must, at the very least, have THIS ASSET and/or any code relying HEAVILY on data from this asset be shared the same way this root data was shared. E.G. with the same license. An example being you use a unit asset and you have all sorts of triggers/data that NEED the asset to work. You would need to similarly-share, at the very least, all data that references and/or uses the unit but not the whole of your project. If this is a miniscule amount (~2-5 references, although it is up to the current moderator of the asset how many references are appropriately "miniscule"), a simple "I used asset 'X' to make certain parts of this work and here is a link to/file of the asset in question". Failure to do so could result in multiple forms of action, the final and most severe being legal action.