The Amazing Probe

Nov 13, 2010 progammer Release
Maps created for SC2Mapster Out Of Bounds Contest Guide The Amazing Probe out of the flame maze Be prepared for the surprise ending (which I did not show) If you beat the map on insane, send me a video/replay to claim your achievement :) Walkthrough on Insane + Ending:

Bomberling Arena

Sep 12, 2010 progammer Release
Hiring thread Blizzard Contest Submission Map Video by OnetwoSC Features: - Classic bomberman tradition with a banelingful of twists - Choose your specials that will define your playstyle - 8 different type of powerups to fight over - Crazy sudden death for those who want to test their adrenaline - Dumb AI that will kill themselves after a while How to play (on NA and EU server) - Search for "Bomberling" or...


Jul 28, 2010 progammer Release
Chess game in SC2, with fully supported feature as a standalone game. Latest version: v1.10, (NA): 1.2, (EU) : n/a - New feature: Move log using long algebraic chess notation, free camera mode - "-debug" command added. Please report if it worked or not. Available feature: - Full game rule supported: promotion, castle, en passant, checkmate, draw... - Hot Seat play on the same computer - Multiplayer through Battlenet - Free Game Mode: Create your own situation on the board to play (checkmate...

Depot Snake

Jul 25, 2010 progammer Release
Play the classic game of snake right with Starcraft 2 - Movement Key: Control the Snake - Eat apple to grow, the harder the difficulty, the more point you get - Mineral = Current Score, Vespene = High Score Caution: Apple spawning image might be disturbing to some players, play it at your own risk :)

Baneling Burstout

Jul 23, 2010 progammer Release
A remake of old-style arcade game: Breakout. Control a ball through a paddle at the bottom to destroy all the bricks. This time with banelings I rushed this for 1 demo level just to make sure it entered the contest. More things will be added if I have time (more brick type, powerup, more level, etc...). This will be developed as another full size project after the contest is over :)

Battlenet Lag Painter

Jul 08, 2010 progammer Release
Remember the good ol' Battlenet Beta Patch 13 where you can draw while playing? Now you can do that just fine everytime :) Uploaded on v0.2 - Right click to draw, Left click to ERASE - Select brush type and color in the left and right panel (Default UI color is recommended for the gorgeous glow effect) - Up to 14 players can collaborate on a painting at a time - Other functionalities such as zoom in and out, hide all UI to take screenshot ... See it in action: Some example...

Matchmaking - The Game

Jun 30, 2010 progammer Release
DEMO Version - For Balance and Engine Testing v0.1: 10 level Review on SCLegacy: Only Single - Battle Mode is available with 10 Level Match unit in a board game to battle versus enemy waves A match is valid if 2 unit are of the same type and no obstacle between them. The shortest route will be chosen. The longer this route is, the more unit you called from it. Any suggestion and balance idea are seriously needed....

Custom Spell Contest - Portal Gun

Jun 15, 2010 progammer Release
Done entirely with data editor. No trigger was involved. Portal Gun is a combination of two spell: * Create Portal Entrance Create an entrance portal that teleport All unit stepped inside to an exit portal you owned. Invulnarable and untargetable. Last for 30 seconds. Only teleport if an exit portal is available. Will dissipate if placed on top of an exit portal * Create Exit Portal Create an exit portal that receive all teleportation from all of your entrance portal. Will destroy all...

Custom Spell Contest - Reverse Movement

Jun 11, 2010 progammer Release
Description: Apply a buff on an unit that reverse any movement ordered. Last 30 seconds. Done with the help of trigger How to copy this ability to your map - Create a custom ability that apply a buff (behavior) to a target - Download the map and copy all trigger over - Link to your ability under event of trigger "Reverse Cast" - Link your ability's Behavior to "Behavior Link" Variable Enjoy

Soccer Galaxy Cup 2010

Jun 05, 2010 progammer Planning
[Work In Progress] Hope to be released during FIFA World Cup 2010 Early proof of concept: What was in the video: - WASD movement - Player switching - Ball handling system - Charge-up style shoot - Ball deceleration All number will be tweaked for balancing/fun purpose. I'm desperately need help on map terrain. If you are good at terraining, modeling and willing to help, please contact me. [email protected]