Feb 19, 2011 progammer Release
StarMovie v1.0 Play any ogv video inside your map with ease A guide and tutorials on how to use the library (noob friendly) Download links (Hotfixed version, 18 Feb 2011) Or on the right panel right there Feedbacks/Suggestion/Donations are all welcome.

Realtime Mouse Tracking System

Oct 16, 2010 progammer Release
A library to track mouse position in real time. v1.2 Documented inside file or visit this thread for a detailed instruction and pros/cons Please credits when its due

Planet View

Oct 15, 2010 progammer Release
Planet View v1.0 Travel among the stars with ease A guide and tutorials on how to use the library (noob friendly) Download links (or links at the right panel) Feedbacks/Suggestion/Donations are all welcome.

Cinematic Player

Aug 20, 2010 progammer Release
Tool for launching all cinematic in the Wings Of Liberty Campaign (pre-rendered not included). Demonstrate the use of .SC2Scene file inside map. For a complete tutorial go here
Bar Scene

Blizzard Official Cutscenes file

Aug 19, 2010 progammer Release
A complete pack of all cinematic cutscenes (using in-game engine, not the pre-rendered ones) from WOL campaign as *.SC2Scene file. Open with the previewer Terran01.SC2ScenePublic Enemy Terran03.SC2SceneZeratul's Warning Terran04.SC2SceneOld Times Terran05.SC2SceneEscape From Mar Sara Terran06a.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Mobeius Rendezvous Point Terran06b.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Assault on the Bucephalus Terran06c.SC2SceneHeir Apparent - Valerian Mengsk's Offer Terran07.SC2SceneBar Fight...


Jul 18, 2010 MindWorX Alpha
Sparsile Introduction Sparsile is a project that aims to add missing functionality to GE, in the least obstructive way. Most 3rd party tools will not work together with GE, and most of them will require you to close down GE completely, before you can save any changes you've made. This often leads to a bothersome work environment, which can hamper development of your projects. Sparsile works around this by simply adding the features directly into GE, making it work with GE rather than working...