Age of Man

Feb 16, 2014 Modder1414 Beta
Start up a civilization from the stone age to the future (beta/alpha atm)
Image C

Marine Arena Contest Entry

Dec 02, 2012 michaelknives Release
This map was my entry to the Marine Arena Map Contest that sadly I did not win :( However, seeing that I have no desire to create a Footman Frenzy based map hopefully someone could use this map as a template to design their own custom arena because it is a pain in the butt and time consuming to create a octagon based arena. All I ask is that you give me props for map design. And hopefully if you map is successful you will allow me to feature it on a youtube channel I am attempting to set up....
Starcraft 2 Melee Evolved

Sc2 Project Descent

Jun 05, 2011 michaelknives Planning
It's been a while since I updated the information on this project because I have been working on it on and off, however expect several updates within the next few weeks. I will now be referring to this project as project Decent. The initial concept remains the same. I am attempting to create a custom melee game that is more like Warcraft 3. The current Alpha in development contains 5 core factions with unique meta game tactics, upgrades, and abilities. These factions include: - Protoss...


Dec 29, 2010 michaelknives Planning
My goal is to develop a city map. I decided that I will create a campaign with maps as sectors of a futuristic metro. The style will be a top down shooter focusing on controlling a individual fighter in a squadron co-op with human player. The mission is to investigate an infested metropolis on the planet korhal. You will have to destroy objectives (hive spores/clusters) and survive flying zerg etc. If you can not defeat the threat a scorched earth protocol will be put into effect and its game...

OVERGROWN (Conceptual Map)

Sep 17, 2010 michaelknives Planning
OVERGROWTH is a 3 vs 3 vs 3 multiplayer co-op / RPG map. Each player controls a unique unit with special abilities. Each 3 player faction has a unique objective to complete in the game world. OVERGROWTH takes place on an abandoned colony that is over run by a parasitic plant that produced a virus that genetically altered the inhabitants of the world. The plant was originally developed by the F.E.D. as a bio weapon that was accidently released into the planets atmosphere when a F.E.D. cruiser...