Hero Line Wars

Nov 03, 2010 Kueken531 Beta
News Beta Version is up on Europe, NA and SEA servers. The Game Hero Line Wars is a concept taken from the correspondent Warcraft 3 map. 2 teams of up to 4 players hire mercenaries, which attack the opposing team. Each player picks a hero to defend against incoming enemy mercenaries. Each team owns a distinct area on the map (further referred to as the "Line"), which is separated from the opposing team's line. There is no direct interaction with the enemy team (no hero vs hero battles); you...
Texture Swap

Texture Swap Testmap

Oct 16, 2012 Kueken531 Release
This is a map designed to show the power of the Texture Select By ID actor message. Upon starting the map, you can apply different diffuse, emissive or specular textures to various unit models on the fly. The map applies these textures to all units and shows the pathes of the currently used textures. This is most helpful, if you want to apply alternative textures to your units without importing textures made specifically for those units, because testing valid combinations can take a huge...