Protoss Unit Selection UI

The Day9 Team Monobattles Mod

Jan 25, 2012 Klishu Release
Day9's Team Monobattles Mod In response to a request over on the EU Custom Map forums, I present to you the Day9 Team Monobattles Mod! At the moment the mod is available for play on the Extinction and Arakan Citadel maps. This is a freely available mod so if you're a map author read below to see how you can download the mod for your map as well as look through how it was implemented. Visit the Day9's Team Monobattles Mod Community website: http://monobattles.com/ Backstory & How to Play A few...

Starcraft 2 Capture the Flag Mod

May 24, 2010 Klishu Release
The Starcraft 2 Capture the Flag Mod makes it easy for you to create Capture the Flag style games. How it works: - Download the Mod file and place it in your Starcraft II Beta Mods folder (in your installation directory). - When creating a new map, add the mod file as a Dependency or you can select the Dependencies dialog from the File menu if you've already created your map. That's it! Your map now provides Capture the Flag gameplay. Make sure you don't remove the Melee Initialization...