SC2Mapster Getting an Upgrade!

Hey all!

Just wanted to give you guys a notice beforehand about upcoming updates, upgrades, and migrations.

As we’ve been doing with all of our legacy sites, we’re moving over to our latest and greatest project backend and forum software which once complete, gives us much better visibility over operations and allows our staff to more easily keep an eye on things. As well as providing a code base we have much more control over to stay on top of bugs, issues, features, etc.

Most of our communities are rather small and have been more or less quick migrations with downtime generally remaining within the several hours range.

However, due to SC2Mapsters long history and robust forums, the forum downtime could be as long as several days. Our hope is to keep this as minimal as possible, but because of this extended downtime we wanted to make sure we let you guys know before ripping the cord out.

We’re doing our best to make the transition as smooth as possible, but will be here with open ears waiting for suggestions, ideas and constructive criticism along the way.

I want to clarify that this will not affect the migration of the base SC2Mapsters CurseForge site, as that migration should only take several hours to complete - as with our many previous migrations. Only the forums will need the additional downtime to import due to their size.

The migration is scheduled to begin within the next few business days (likely early next week). After it is complete, we will be posting updates along the way on our Twitter @CurseForge and if you guys have any questions feel free to reach out to me via PM here before migration, or @MrFlamegoat on Twitter anytime during the migration or after. We will have an additional post welcoming the new community into the updated and improved family of sites.

Wow, I know that was a lot of talking and fluff, but I do want to stress that we’re doing what we can to communicate better with our various communities. So please don’t be afraid to reach out to myself or the other Community Staff members!

Your Friendly Community Helper,



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