StormCraft Armies: Rise of Strom

StormCraft Armies: Rise of Storm by miketwistam


Have you ever dreamed of being able to play as an iconic Warcraft faction like, for example, Kingdom of Stromgarde or Warsong Clan? Have you ever thought of what would have happened to Stromgarde, if that kingdom have never joined the Alliance? Or what would have happened if it chose to aid other kingdoms only after eliminating the Troll threat on their borders? Have you ever thought, what would have happened if a Starcraft universe race would fight against a Warcraft universe race? Blizzard gave us incredible opportunity to have a solid taste of the possibilty with their Heroes of the Storm game, but what if the ability to do so would expand to RTS genre? For all the fans of all Blizzards Universes, we are proud to present an RTS game with playable iconic factions from Warcraft 1. 2. 3, WoW, Starcraft 1.2 and Diablo 1,2,3....and all of it with completely custom art, game systems and features added to the mix!



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